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Who are the founders of the Black Magic Awards?

Kojo Anim, Co-Founder

The comedian and TV presenter, Kojo Anim is one of the most sought out entertainers due to his undeniable talent and hilarious stage presence mixed with unique yet relatable performances.

As the oldest of 5 siblings Kojo grew up in foster care in the borough of Hackney in east London from the age of 5. While his first love was always football, he started using his humour to make people laugh in his local team. Since then his success has rocketed with him opening up for Chris Rock and Kevin Hart at Wembley Arena along with Dave Chappelle at the Royal Albert Hall. This has seen his fan base multiply as he was described by Kevin as ‘One of the funniest comedians that America doesn’t yet know about’ followed by Chappelle describing his work as ‘groundbreaking’.

One of the funniest comedians that America doesn’t yet know about

From appearing alongside Reggie Yates on CBBC show The Mighty Truck Of Stuff to presenting on Capital Xtra and hosting his own podcast called Nothing To Declare, Kojo’s work has been extremely wide ranging.

He took his incredible talent to the Britain’s Got Talent series thirteen stage to which he received the prestigious Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell which immediately sent him to the live semi finals. His relatable yet hilarious act instantly won over the ten million viewers and four judges yet unfortunately he narrowly missed the grand prize becoming runner up to Colin Thackery.

His acts are one of a kind and he cleverly incorporates his daily struggles into a comedic show, making jokes about his African parents along with his lack of money which includes a piece on taxi metres and a homeless person asking for 20p for dinner. To which Kojo replied, ‘you know where to eat for 20p? I’m coming with you!’ Following becoming a father Kojo has intertwined a hilarious 1 hour show based on fatherhood which always has the audience crying with tears.

Kojo has always helped other comedians in the industry including them in his events. Many got their start at Kojo’s Comedy Club. Watch this space, his career is about to get even more exciting.

Annika Allen

Annika has over 15 years’ experience in the communications and marketing industry leading on projects for brands such as Google UK, Universal and Skype that have delivered solid results and innovative experiences strategically devised to grow, inspire and entertain. She previously co-owned youth lifestyle publication Flavourmag for 8 years and is currently work’s as a Content Manager on the Diversity & Inclusion team at Barclays.

With her entrepreneurial spirit, creative flair and go-getting attitude this media maven has built businesses and brands and empowered the next generation through various initiatives and events.

Listed as one of the most inspirational black British females in an article

In The Metro, Annika’s insights and unique understanding and experiences have made her a sought-after expert to speak on business, diversity, social media and popular culture.

Representation matters – think about how you may have approached life differently if you regularly saw people that looked like you in positions of power. Which is why three years ago Kojo and Annika launched The Black Magic Awards, an annual honours celebration of phenomenal black British women from a variety of industries and this year we launched a men’s awards edition.

Annika also presents the award winning Black Magic Podcast, which features conversations with brilliant British black talent.